Off Road Venue in
Many, Louisiana

About Us

At Mud Truck Madness, our mission is to create an atmosphere of relaxing fun with the option of getting your blood seriously pumping on our 4v4 and offroad ATV trails in Many, Louisiana!

When we first started out, our 100-acre offroad park focused on high speed, high adrenaline competition. Racing was our game, and every event was a high-octane thrill ride. But now we’ve expanded our horizons and created an area for all ages and all types, a big play area for trucks, bikes, ATVs, and family fun.

Some offroad parks focus on creating a rowdy, unpredictable party atmosphere where there are no kids allowed. At Mud Truck Madness, we believe that the unbelievable entertainment offered by the great outdoors should be enjoyed by the family first, the party-goers second. But don’t worry – you’ll still get dirty!

We cater to any and all comers, a welcoming and open event twice a year on Easter and Halloween with a primary focus on forgetting your troubles and tearing up some tough terrain with your friends and family.

Mud Truck Madness is a strong advocate for the responsible use of offroad trails. That’s why we stick to a rule of NO GLASS CONTAINERS throughout the park. For more information on our offroad park in Many, Louisiana, contact us today!